When visiting Bali, you must visit Kuta Beach. Kuta Beach is one of the most popular destinations in Bali. In addition to its strategic location, we can do many interesting activities in Kuta Beach, such as:

Giant Turtle Statue in Kuta Beach

In addition to enjoying the beauty of the beach, tourists can also visit the giant sea turtle statue located adjacent to the Kuta Beach Task Force office. In this place, you can see a turtle cultivation.

Temporary Tattoos (Temporary Tatoo)

In Kuta Beach, temporary tattoos are quite popular with tourists, especially domestic tourists. The price is also relatively cheap from IDR 50,000 to IDR 300,000, depending on the size and motive of the tattoo.

Sunbathing and Playing in the Sand without Fear of Being Dirty

If you visit Kuta Beach and do not want to get your clothes dirty, just calm down, many cheap mats rentals are available there.


Surfing at Kuta Beach is fun especially for those who love surfing.

Dokar or Horse-Drawn Carriage

Tourists can get around Kuta with a horse-drawn carriage.

Clothes and souvenirs

You can find sellers of traditional Balinese clothes, fabrics and souvenirs along Kuta Beach.

Hotel Solaris Kuta Bali is located close to Kuta Beach. It takes only 5 minutes by car and 20 minutes walk from Hotel Solaris Kuta Bali to Kuta Beach.


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